Existing water mains have reached the end of their useful life.  This project will reduce the risk of unforeseen failure and the resulting service interruptions.

Once the work is complete there will be similar water pressure and quality as before.

Customers will receive advance notification of the only planned service interruption which will take place when the newly completed system is placed in service.  When this occurs, customers will be without water service for 3 hours depending upon site conditions, and a 48-hour Boil Water Notification will be issued.  If there are unforeseen pipeline failures during construction, customers may experience similar service interruptions and resulting Boil Water orders.

Construction is anticipated to start in the month of February 2022 and is anticipated to be completed within 10 months. There will be a neighborhood meeting planned before construction will begin.

During the construction period, construction vehicle traffic, temporary detours and/or swale excavation can be expected.  Individual driveways will be closed for short periods of time (up to 24 hours) as pipe installation progresses and restoration work on driveways is completed.  Coordination with homeowners will be done in advance for those occurrences and accommodations for access to the home will be arranged.  Maintenance of traffic devices (the familiar orange cones) and signage will be placed to inform motorists and pedestrians of areas where construction is taking place and advise on alternative routes.  Dust and temporary disturbed surfaces will occur but will be mitigated to the degree possible.

Potentially, depending the on the proposed location of the new water main, but if they are, an attempt will be made to replace the impacted items “in kind” with whatever is there pre-construction. Construction will be predominantly on one side of the street where the water main is being installed.

Sewer service laterals crossed by the new water main will be replaced. Sewer clean-outs will be installed on the laterals for the homes which do not currently have them. The clean-outs will be installed within in the existing Right-of-Way to ensure the lateral can be cleaned by Seacoast Utility Authority if necessary.

You can call the project hotline at 561-215-9322, email Info@themerchantstrategy.com, or submit a question via this website under “Contact Us”.